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Take your music from hobby to sustainable career through strategy, accountability, tools and action.

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Music Producer & Artist Growth Academy

Music career growth training
✔ 8 modules
Private members group
✔ Once off payment – Lifetime membership
✔ Priced in Australian dollars
✔ 100% satisfaction guarantee

High growth artists I’ve worked with:

“Luke has helped with me with everything from brand partnerships, sponsorship negotiations and gig bookings to keeping me accountable to make sure I get the right work done to keeping moving my career as an artist and producer moving forward.” 

Electronic Artist & Producer, M4SONIC

“For anyone sitting on the fence with their Music Career – message Luke right now! Whatever level you are at, as long as you have the motivation and the commitment to follow his advice – Luke has the industry experience, networks and best practices you need to supercharge your music career. There is no better time to start than right now.”

DJ & Producer, Midtown Jack

“Luke has been a stand out mentor of our V O E artist journey. Encouraging us to push beyond our limits and advise us on matters we had not encountered before using his industry knowledge and connections to guide us in new and exciting directions. He will always go above and beyond to direct you towards success.”

Caroline Tucker, Singer, V O E.

What you get from the course:

As a Music Producer & Artist Growth Academy Member, you’ll get access to the full training, strategies and tools that have helped people just like you transform their careers as an artist and music producer.

You’ll learn how to:

✔ Create a plan to achieve your goals
✔ Build your brand
✔ Establish yourself as a professional artist
✔ Grow & nurture your fan base
✔ Collect, grow and measure your income
✔ Create winning mindset, habits & actions
✔ Manage your time better
✔ Grow your networks
✔ Develop a business mindset

The Members Group

When you join, you’ll be invited into our private group of artists and music producers from all over the world who will inspire you, push you and help you through this unique and comprehensive program.

Live Weekly Training

Each week, you’ll be invited to join the Live Weekly Training.

During this members-only event, Luke will present a 20-30 minute feature topic on: Growth, business, finance, mindset, industry and many other inspiring topics per members request.

“I learned where my weaknesses and strengths were to help me prioritise and focus where I spent my time and effort, as well as all the basic business side of things I needed to do outside of music. I’ know what I need to do now and it’s all about doing it.”

Rapper, Josiah Gorsch.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is not for everyone, but it IS for YOU, if:

  Perfect for you if you have a part time or full time job and want to up-skill yourself to turn your music hobby into an income generating career.
  You’re ready to apply yourself & level up.
  You have a feeling you’re destined for more with your music career even though you don’t know how you’ll achieve it yet.
  You have the music skills but are just not sure what the best next steps to take are.

Is this a production course?

No, this course does not cover any music production topics, it’s focussed on the business, mindset growth and marketing of your music and career.

What sort of support do I get?

In addition to the our community, Luke answers questions in the private members group daily.

What currency is the course charged in?

The course is charged in Australian Dollars and includes GST.

How much time do I need to commit?

Each module / masterclass is around 1hr. You will need at least 1hr per week to absorb the information, then you’ll need to allow sever hours per week to implement.

Try it with ZERO RISK.

My life is dedicated to coaching, sharing, inspiring and guiding artists and music producers to reach their full potential.

I truly want to help my students empower every area of their careers. This is my mission 🙏

I have travelled far and wide, met with industry experts, attended conferences around the globe, and spent thousands of dollars (not to mention hours) to study the greatest teachings from the greatest minds I could find. I’ve put my heart & soul into this course.

So if you don’t find it valuable, I actually don’t want your money.

Therefore, I’m going to give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Go all out for 30 days, and if it’s not for you, let me know, I’ll refund your payment, shake hands and part ways for good. With zero risk, I promise you it’s worth trying!

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Billed in Australian Dollars.

Full 8 Modules of Training

Private Members Group

Weeking Live Coaching

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Billed in Australian Dollars

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Billed in Australian Dollars.

Full 8 Modules of Training

Private Members Group

Weeking Live Coaching

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Billed in Australian Dollars

Tools & Resources